Looking down on the clouds from above.

Do you check the sky and cloud bases every morning like a surfer checks the waves? (Even when you are on your way to the office?) Then we’ll probably get along great.


Light Sport Aircraft have opened up aviation to a larger class of enthusiasts. And we couldn’t be happier about the privilege of being there in the cockpit with you.

Flying Solo for the First Time.


Years ago in the U.S. Air Force, before the use of radio, instructors would be seated behind their students. When they needed to get their students’ attention, the instructor would pull on the pilot’s shirttail, and then yell in his ear.


Aviation lore has it that after the successful completion of the pilot’s first solo flight, the instructor would ceremoniously cut off the pilot’s shirt tail and hand it back as a trophy.


As a nod to this tradition, at Cloud Dancer, we have regular Solo Parties for all our pilots who have recently achieved first solo. Pilots arrive wearing a neck tie, which our Chief Instructor cuts off as part of the ceremony. As any pilot knows, going solo is a big deal and deserves to be congratulated.

Modern Facilities


Cloud Dancer Pilot Training offers students and pilots a modern and comfortable training environment which includes:


  • NAIPS and internet planning facilities
  • Clean modern hangar
  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Air-conditioned lounge with plasma HD TV
  • On site kitchen, toilet and shower facilities
  • Wireless internet access
  • Free on-site parking


If you would like to see what is on offer before signing up for a course, we welcome visitors. We are at Hangar 5A at Jandakot Airport, the busiest and largest aviation training base in WA.

Our Fleet


We balance safety and costs by using new aeroplanes that are smooth to fly but cost effective to run. Our fleet of Light Sport Aircraft are the sports cars of the aviation world, and trust us, you will feel the difference. Learn on the metal low wing Evektor SportStar SL or the Evektor Harmony. Both aircraft are highly optioned with advanced avionics. But we are gonna need them back.