“What you should have done was land your plane! You don’t own that plane!


Stinger, Top Gun.

There is always someone who want to take things up a notch and own their own aircraft. Cloud Dancer Sport Aircraft was established in late 2006 to import Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) to the Australian market. We were instrumental in the development for the documentation and processes necessary to register an aircraft under the LSA category and had the honour of registering the first LSA aircraft in Australia – an Evektor SportStar (VH-CDR).

Since the first LSA delivery, Cloud Dancer Sport Aircraft has delivered approximately 15 aircraft into the Western Australian marketplace alone, with many more interstate. Our team has extensive knowledge when it comes to LSA and as distributors can assist you with your selection and purchase.

We hold our dealership agency agreements with:

  • Evektor SportStar
  • Flight Design’s CTLS, CTSW and MC