Our Rates

SportStar Plus (RA-Aus)


Touch & Go

Landing (incl. Air Services)

Trial Instructional Flights (TIF):
1/2- hour flight in a
SportStar Plus including pre-flight and post-flight briefings is a fixed charge of $140.00.
With Cloud Dancer you get a genuine 1/2-hour in the air of true "stick-time" that starts when you leave the ground.
In addition we will give you a
$70 TIF Voucher that you can use as a credit towards either lessons or briefings (lesson briefings or extra-curricular briefings) if you decide to complete your licence with us.

Training in your Own Aircraft:
You can train in your own RA-Aus aircraft* under Cloud Dancer Pilot Training's RA-Aus Inc. approval and CASA exemption instrument. Our rates are $85 per hour (Dual) and $45 per hour (Solo). Once you obtain your licence you can operate out of Jandakot (YPJT) subject to certain mandatory requirements. Please see the "Special Note" below. Contact us for additional information on the added benefit of doing your training with Cloud Dancer Pilot Training.
* (subject to meeting certain aircraft requirements and operational conditions)

Our RA-Aus Pilot Certificate course requires you do a total of 8 formal lesson briefings each of which are approximately one-hour duration and charged at a fixed fee of $35 each. All pre and post flight briefings are included in our dual and solo rates.

Students and pilots can obtain dedicated tuition from our experienced instructors outside our standard Pilot Certificate curriculum. Depending on our discussions and assessment of your requirements we will allocate you a junior instructor (charged at
$35 per hour) a senior instructor (charged at $60 per hour) or a combination that we believe will best suit your needs.

If you own an RA-Aus aircraft and wish to operate as pilot in command, you must have either a minimum of a PPL, or operate under our special RA-Aus Approval and CASA Exemption Instrument to enter, exit or operate in Jandakot (YPJT) Class D airspace (during Control Tower hours). This means being signed out on our Flight Authorisation Log by our CFI. Please contact our CFI (Adrian Van Schouwen) to discuss necessary minimum training, supervisory charges and on-going currency requirements.

Cloud Dancer Sport Aircraft - Demonstration Flights

For those looking at buying their own Light Sport Aircraft Cloud Dancer Pilot Training offers demonstration flights in the latest glass equipped
SportStar SL and Flight Design CTLS.
1/2-hour demonstration flight:
SportStar SL is charged at $150.00 plus Jandakot Fees
Flight Design CTLS is charged at $150.00 plus Jandakot Fees
Cloud Dancer Sport Aircraft will reimburse the total charge of your demonstration flight if you elect to buy an aircraft including Jandakot Fees.

Please note that you must
add 10% GST to all rates & charges noted above except for TIF's.