Cloud Dancer Sport Aircraft was established in late 2006 to provide an opportunity to the public of Western Australia to enjoy the benefits of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). Cloud Dancer systematically investigated what was on offer and secured agencies for two of the worlds most reputable aircraft - the Evektor SportStar and Flight Design's CTLS, CTSW and MC.

Cloud Dancer was instrumental in the development (together with
Plane Torque Australia) for the documentation and processes necessary to register an aircraft under the LSA category and has the honour of registering the first LSA aircraft in Australia - an Evektor SportStar (VH-CDR).

Since the first LSA delivery, Cloud Dancer Sport Aircraft has delivered approximately 15 aircraft into the Western Australian marketplace and has assisted in delivery of several more for the Flight Design importer into the Northern Territory, South Australia and Victoria. The Cloud Dancer Team has extensive knowledge when it comes to LSA and we can assist you with all aspects with two of the most popular aircraft in the world - the Flight Design CTLS and Evektor SportStar. Why not make an appointment or simply drop in and visit us to see for yourself what this new category (LSA) of aircraft is all about.

Through the delivery of numerous aircraft and our discussions with aviation enthusiasts who regularly drop by our facility, we identified the need in the Perth metropolitan area for convenient, easily accessible pilot training for those wishing to experience the freedom of flight and the cost advantages of a recreational Pilot Certificate. To satisfy this perceived need Cloud Dancer Pilot Training was recently established to offer recreational pilot training. Cloud Dancer Pilot Training received its RA-Aus flight training facility approval on the 16th September 2010.

Our schools pending CASA exemption will allow you to fly solo in Jandakot's Class D airspace whilst you are under our control. To operate from our Jandakot facility students who do not hold any form of licence and wish to obtain a recreational Pilot Certificate will need to hold a valid Class 2 Medical Certificate and earn a flight radiotelephone operator licence or an RA-AUs radio operator endorsement before they can fly solo. This will not prevent you from commencing your training and you can carry out your initial flights with our instructor(s) prior to obtaining your medical and radio licence. In fact you can even do up to 3-hours before you obtain your RA-Aus Student Pilot Certificate. We can even assist you and organise your medical with a CASA Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).

If you hold a Private Pilot Licence why not consider doing our conversion course to obtain your recreational Pilot Certificate. We also offer training and hire in our VH-Registered SportStar Plus.

The Cloud Dancer Sport Aircraft and Cloud Dancer Pilot Training initiative provides individuals the opportunity to not only buy an aircraft but to obtain their recreational Pilot Certificate in either the schools aircraft or alternatively in their own. We intend to expand the schools capability and offer private pilot licence training including night visual flight rule ratings.

Cloud Dancer Sport Aircraft
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Cloud Dancer Pilot Training
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