The recreational Pilot Certificate is taught in accordance with the recreational aviation training syllabus set by Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated (RA-Aus). Any aspects of operation in controlled airspace under taught in accordance with the CASA Day (VFR) Syllabus.

Flight training in a recreational aircraft can be commenced at 15 years of age. Simply call or come into Cloud Dancer to learn about an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate and applying for your Student Certificate. You can also log onto RA-Aus'
web site for information on recreational flying.

The minimum hours required for the recreational Pilot Certificate is approximately 20-hrs. This will be dependent on the frequency of lessons and how quickly a person picks up the piloting skills.

Once you gain your Pilot Certificate you can add a Cross country and Passenger endorsement so that you can exercise the privileges to fly beyond our Jandakot home base and of course carry a passenger to share the pleasures of flying. This will require approximately another 15-hrs of training.