Taking the controls.



Love a good climb and descent?

So do we.


All our courses are of a recreational nature and since receiving our RA-Aus flight training facility approval in 2010, we have trained dozens of licenced Perth pilots.

Recreational Aviation Courses

Trial Instruction Flight (TIF)

(Approx .5 hours)


$165 includes one flying lesson, inc pre and post flight ground briefings and landing fees. (If you continue on, we’ll redeem a $70 credit towards your next lesson with us). These are also available as a gift voucher.


TIF’s are structured to give you the opportunity to fly from the Pilot (left hand) seat and get your hands on the controls of the aircraft.

Pilot Certificate RA-Aus

(Approx 20 hours of training: depending on skill and training intervals)


For half the time and cost of a general aviation private licence, a recreational Pilot Certificate has time and cost advantages.


The recreational Pilot Certificate is taught in accordance with the recreational aviation training syllabus set by Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated (RA-Aus). Any aspects of operation in controlled airspace is taught in accordance with the CASA Day (VFR) Syllabus.

Conversion Courses


We can also take you one step further. The Ra- Aus. Certificate only allows you to fly a 2 seater aircraft. We can do the conversion to the CASA RPL by completing the necessary paperwork, doing the few extra hours required and completing the Flight review. This will then allow you to fly any aircraft up to 1500 kg.for example a Cessna 172 or even a Mooney.


We are also able to facilitate holders of CASA or International PPL, CPL or ATPL to obtain their recreational Pilot Certificate (RA-AUS).

Don’t have any form of licence?


CASA exemption will allow you to fly solo in Jandakot’s Class D airspace whilst you are under our control.


You will need to hold a valid Class 2 Medical Certificate and earn a flight radiotelephone operator licence or an RA-AUs radio operator endorsement before you can fly solo.


This will not prevent you from commencing your training and you can carry out your initial flights with our instructor(s) prior to obtaining your medical and radio licence. You can even do up to 3 hours before you obtain your RA-Aus Student Pilot Certificate. We can assist you and organise your medical with a CASA Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).

Flight training in a recreational aircraft can be commenced at 14 years of age. Simply call or come into Cloud Dancer to learn about an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate and applying for your Student Certificate. You can also log onto RA-Aus’ web site for information on recreational flying

Cross Country, Radio or Passenger Endorsement

(Approx 15 hours of training)


Adding a Cross Country or Passenger Endorsement to your Pilot Certificate allows you to fly beyond the Jandakot home base and carry a passenger.

Theory Tuition


Refresh your theory and keep up to date for only $35 an hour.